Here we have a collection of scientific articles and specialist texts for you so you can – besides on this homepage – inform yourself on tricuspid valve dysplasia as a specific heart disease in the breed Labrador Retriever. We try to add regularly new articles.



On the website of the Institute for Animal Breedings and Genetics of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover you find a short overview as well as the research project on tricuspid valve dysplasia:


TiHo-Hannover: research project



On the website of the animal cardiology of the LMU Munich you’ll find an easy to understand overview regarding symptoms, diagnosis as well as possible therapy and prognosis:


Tierkardiologie LMU: Trikuspidaldysplasie



Also the Tierklinik Kaiserberg writes down some information about tricuspid valve dysplasia:


Tierklinik Kaiserberg: Dysplasien der AV Klappen



A good summary including recommendations for affected breeders you’ll find in the database for genetic disease in dogs (CIDD) of the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada:


CIDD: tricuspid valve dysplasia



A very interesting scientific article from the 'Purina Pro Club'- newsletter from January 2003 as well as an addition from July 2004 you’ll find here:







A study by Andelfinger et al. (2003) can be found here:


'Canine tricuspid valve malformation, a model of human Ebstein anomaly, maps to dog chromosome 9'



An overview of pharmacotherapy for tricuspid valve dysplasia you’ll find in the article from Abraham and Ungemacht from the Institute for pharmacology, pharmacy and toxicology of the veterinary medicine faculty of the University Leipzig:


Universität Leipzig: Pharmakotherapie



An article by Dr. med. vet. Jan-Gerd Kresken about "Herzerkrankungen in Hundepopulationen" including a small extract about tricuspid valve dysplasia in Labrador Retriever can be found in 'Unser Rassehund' (issue 4/14) or online:


'Herzerkrankungen in Hundepopulationen'



A short handout from the "Specialist Veterinary Cardiology Consultancy" you'l find here:


SVCC: tricuspid valve dysplasia



"Tricuspid Dysplasia: A Cardiologist's Perspective" by Lori Seimens, D.V.M., DACVIM you'll find in the archive of the retrieverNEWS:


'Tricuspid Dysplasia: A Cardiologist's Perspective'



A small chapter about tvd can also be found in "The Everything Labrador Retriever Book" by Kim Campbell Thornton (2004) and in "Your Labrador Retriever Puppy Month By Month" by Terry Albert (2012):


'The Everything Labrador Retriever Book'


'Your Labrador Retriever Puppy Month By Month'



Furthermore the tricuspid valve dysplasia is described  in "Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine" by Mark D. Kittleson and Richard D. Kienle (1998):


Tricuspid valve dysplasia section from 'Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine' On-Line



In "Common Diseases of Companion Animals" by Alleice Summers (2002) Table 1-1 shows a Breed Prediliction for TVD in Labrador Retriever:


'Common Diseases of Companion Animals'



The therapeutic management of a tvd sick dog is described in a study by Velhankar et al. in the Indian Journal of Canine Practice (Volume 7 Issue 1, June, 2015):


'Tricuspid valve dysplasia and its therapeutic management in a dog'




A study by Oliveira et al. (2011) can be found here:


'Retrospective Review of Congenital Heart Disease in 976 Dogs.'



In "Congenital heart disease in dogs" by Nicole Van Israel the tvd also is described as a common congenital anomaly in Labrador Retriever: 


'Congenital heart disease in dogs.'




Moreover there are further scientific articles not freely accessible.


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