In order to inform you about the pulmonary and aortic stenosis independently of this homepage, we will supply a collection of scientific articles and specialized texts for you.


On the official website of the Department of Animal Cardiology of LMU Munich you will find an easy-to-understand overview of pulmonary stenosis:


Pulmonalstenose - LMU München



Also Dr. med. vet. Ingo Schneider has a detailed chapter on pulmonary stenosis as well as on aortic stenosis on his homepage:


Pulmonalstenose - Praxis Dr. Schneider 


Aortenstenose - Praxis Dr. Schneider



Also on the homepage of Dr. med. Vet. Killich (CC cardiologist), there is a very good overview of pulmonary as well as aortic stenosis:


Pulmonalstenose - KardioKonsult


Aortenstenose - KardioKonsult