+++ You live(d) together with a heart sick Labrador Retriever? Please get in touch with us! +++

Here you’ll find a list of Labrador Retriever with heart diseases. To see all the details, please click on the name of the dog.


If your Labrador Retriever also suffers (or did suffer) from some kind of heart disease we would appreciate if you contact us so we can admit your dog in our list. We depend on your active participation, because we only admit affected dogs in our list, if we have the written consent of the affected dog's owners, a copy of the dog's finding sheet and pedigree. The more dog owners and/or breeders open up in public about the heart disease of their Labrador Retriever, the more effective the enlightenment can be. Furthermore we would like for you to catch up at Collegium Cardiologium e.V. on all relevant information which will be collected and evaluated there.


We consider ourselves as contact person for every owner of a heart sick Labrador Retriever. We always will provide each dog-human-team with advice and assistance – no matter what kind of breeding papers the dog has or simply not has. Accordingly, in recent years we attended both, dogs with as well as without breeding papers from FCI or FCI accepted associations and collected their data on an internal list. We will continue handling it this way because we feel sorry for every soul.

However, on the following list we only publish the dogs with papers from FCI or FCI accepted associations, because only from this dogs we can get verifiable pedigrees.



list of affected dogs (sorted by name of kennel):