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26. February 2022

Sad news have reached us: After Pino (left in the picture) has blossomed once again through the addition to the family with his friend Delta (right in the picture), unfortunately the forces left him in April last year.


On April 04, 2021 he was put to sleep at home in a familiar atmosphere in the arms of his human Hanna.


And even though Pino's life sadly ended far too soon, he had a life full of love in which he left unforgettable paw prints. As his human wrote to us, "Beautiful memories remain, he will always be missed!"

27. January 2022

Recently, we were contacted by the owner of an affected dog whose story touched us very much even beyond her diagnosis.

Thanks to the approval of her human, we were allowed to add Peter's gang Cruella de Mon - call name Ella - to our database of Labrador Retrievers with heart disease.


Ella, at almost 4 years old, has unfortunately been through a lot. Before she found her current loving home at just under 3 years old, she must have already suffered some trauma - at least that's what the condition in which Ella's current owner adopted her suggested.


We are all the more grateful that Ella is now living with people who care for her with all their devotion and shower her with love. We will share more of Ella's story with you soon in a testimonial from her owner.


You can find more info on Ella's page.