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Now you are probably curious who we are. We would like to introduce ourselves.

We, that is…


Silvia with Nevio:

Hi… I am Silvia and I lived with Nevio on Lake Constance. Nevio turns my world upside down since the beginning of 2012. We both want to have our own way regardless. That’s one of the reasons why it was an even bigger shock that Nevio was diagnosed with tricuspid valve dysplasia. For quiet long time I suspected that 'something wasn’t right with him'. When he was very young he didn’t eat much, was out of condition, had a low body tension… I was often calmed down by the fact that Nevios line was healthy, so there can’t be something wrong with him. That’s why the day we got the diagnosis my world got crushed. However we followed exactly what the cardiologists of our trust, Dr. Kirsch, had advised us to do: “Let the dog be a dog and enjoy every day. It can be over soon.”


On March 17, 2016 Nevio sadly lost his long fight. His huge heart had stopped beating. He will be in my heart forever, for he was and remains my unforgotten little boy.


Since fall 2016 I share my life with little Luis, a chocolate Labrador Retriever as well. He is in full health - we hope it remains like this. The precautionary heart ultrasound, that was obvious for me,  fortunately was clear.






Sophie with Schröder:

Hello… I am Sophie and I live together with my husband, our daughter and our Labrador Retriever Artus in Berlin. Until the 25th of April 2017 Artus' half-brother, our little Punch's heart Schröder, belongs to our little family. Schröder's story can be found on his page under "progress reports". Because of their close relationship we also took Artus to a preventive cardiological examination on Jul 12th 2013. Fortunately his heart is very healthy.

I always was very grateful for the problems we had with Schröder’s puppy tooth which drew our attention on his heart disease. Thus we knew what was going on and could set our days around his disease and were able to help him to live the best life he could. Also Artus and our daughter were taking their share in it: their mere presence supported Schröder’s health and affected the fight against the heart disease in a positive way. We and our cardiologist Dr. Kattinger both always agreed on that.

Sadly, on 25th of April 2017, Schröder's fighting spirit was exhausted and so he piecefully fell asleep after a walk with his family and didn't woke up again. We will never forget him and he will be living in our hearts forever!   




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