At this point we would like to recommend you some of our friend's homepages or rather services, which we like a lot.



Alina Klüglich-Hinrichs from glüKlicH Fotografie und Bildbearbeitung in Berlin designed our logo as well as our header and banner and also took beautiful pictures of us many times.


Jacqueline Runge from Dog's life Berlin takes Artus and Schröder out for walks once a week and also assists us on medical questions with advice concerning homeopathic drugs in a holistic medical way.


At the dog shop Lotte & Anna by Anna Neetzel and her Labrador Retriever Lotti you find almost everything you need for the life with a dog and many beautiful things for yourself or your home as well.


Rona from Glücksmomente Fotografie in Karlsruhe has also taken wonderful pictures of us and our heartdogs many times.


Melanie from Hundephysiotherapie Melanie Eisele in Hechingen did help our heartdog Nevio with her therapies many times and eased his life a bit each time they met. 


And last but not least we want to recommend Carla from Tierfotografie Carla Lorenz in Berlin to you.