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This homepage was created by two people, who had to let go their beloved heartdogs much too early. Nevio und Schröder both came down with tricuspid valve dysplasia by birth.

Our heartdog Nevio sadly lost the fight in March 2016 at an age of only four.

Our Punch's heart Schröder followed him over the rainbow bridge on 25th of April 2017 at an age of not even six.


...already in 2013 we set ourselves to the task to create an information portal for people who have dogs that are affected, for (future) dog owners in general and breeders. Tricuspid valve dysplasia is a serious heart disease which, is according to specialized animal cardiologists, a Labrador Retriever breed predisposition. It can also been found in other large breeds (for example: German Shepherd, Great Dane, Golden Retriever and Weimaraner).


Having increasingly received requests by dog owners whose Labrador Retrievers suffer from different cardiac diseases than tricuspid valve dysplasia, we noticed that these dog owners only have a few possibilities to inform themselves about the complaint of their dear four-legged friends. For that reason we decided to go a step further:



The action group concerning 'tricuspid valve dysplasia in Labrador Retriever'

changes to the action group concerning 'heart health in Labrador Retriever'.



On our edited website you can found:


When it comes to tricuspid valve dysplasia, or rather heart health, in Labrador Retrievers we  are not lay persons but we’re still far from being experts. Besides our personal experience we also report about medical backgrounds and connections. Even though we have striven for 100% accuracy, we cannot guarantee it.


For further questions or helpfull suggestions please contact us via email.