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15 February 2017

Keenas time of year in dummy training came to an abrupt end. Somewhere in the forest she must got caught in a wire – the result was a gaping wound at the upper foreleg. Of cause that happens on a sunday, so that we had to make use of the veterinary emergency service from Dr. Barth. Fortunatley the wound could be glued and Keena got a nice shirt to protect the wound. Dr. Barth prescribed silence for my furious Labrador girl – jumping, raving, climbing stairs or walking could have opened the wound again. Being spared, waring the shirt and her heat in addition – that were tough weeks for Keena. She gained weight a little bit, but everything healed up fantastically. Meanwhile Keena does the retrieval following her heart's desire again. 


In January we went to the heart check. Dr. Krohn noticed Keena having gained weight, so he prescribed a diet. Keena easily went through the examination. Unfortunately the right half of the heart increased a little bit, Keenas medication was adapted:


  • 2 x 6,25 mg Cardisure
  • 2 x 20 mg Dimazon
  • 1 x 10 mg Fortekor


But fortunately Keena still is symptom-free and enjoys her life to the full. We are very glad, that she is doing that good and enjoy every day being together with her. 


(Daniela Sarau, owner of Keena)

08 March 2016

Recently we once again went to Dr. Krohn for another heart ultrasound. It was Keenas 4th heart examination. After additionally having Cardisure in Keenas pillbox since the 2nd examination in May, the right atrium decreased a little bit until the following examination in September. Until now it unfortunately slightly increased again, but Dr. Krohn still was very happy with Keenas condition. Her heartbeat is steady and she still is symptom-free, jolly and full of vitality.

She endures the examination quiet calm and loved to get many cookies afterwards. Her medication remains the same: 20mg Dimazon once a day, 10mg Fortekore once a day and 5mg Pimobendane twice a day.


Keena meanwhile evolves to a keen swimmer and takes every opportunity to take a bath. Moreover, it doesn't matter whether the outside temperature comes to -5 or +30 degree or whether it is a puddle or the swollen sea. That's how she really got enthusiastic as the useless ice melted away and she again was able to swim some laps in the pond... Only recently we participate in dummy training, what really is a lot of fun. We are so happy about Keena feeling that good and we rather hope that she remains that fit many more years.


(Daniela Sarau, owner of Keena)

29 January 2015

My dream of owning a dog has finally met in October last year. That I'll be the owner of a Labrador was clear since I know Holm. Holm was the brown Labrador of my parents and an incredibly great guy. When he died at the ripe age of almost 16, I started with the puppy search at the web pages from the LCD and DRC.


A yellow Labrador girl should it be. I looked at the list of planned litters and finally met Fly, a wonderful bitch. The planned mating seemed promising, the health values and character tests of the parents were great. After some waiting it worked out and Fly has gave birth to 9 puppies. I followed every day the throw Blog and visited the little ones as often as possible. And then when I finally held my Keena in my arms, I was the happiest person in the world.


Keena was the smallest one in the throw what was fine with me. I wanted quite a small dog. It is a picture book puppy – happy, turbulent, docile and greedy. So we had not only to go to the vet for vaccination appointments but also because she quickly swallowed something unhealthy. In the meantime it gots better and non-eatable things are only swallowed very rarely. Keena has learned that it can be traded for treats.


At the first vaccination appointment our vet Dr. Barth has detected a heart murmur. We have decided that this will amalgamate – Keena was still very young. I have therefore not worried too much. Unfortunately, the murmur was heard at the next vet visit too. We gave the noise time until mid-January - up to the age of 5 months everything should have grown right.


When the noise was still clearly audible even then, we made an appointment with the cardiologist Dr. Krohn in Hamburg. Actually, just to reassure us that there is nothing wrong - because Keena has super developed and acts absolutely fit.


Dr. Krohn has very kindly contacted Keena, played with her and tapped on the ground, before they had on the examination table for the ultrasound. After a few minutes of resound Dr. Krohn said: "This dog has a serious heart disease.". From this moment everything blurred around me. He has thoroughly and long studied her and took a lot of time to explain to me what's going on. But my head would not and could not understand the words.


I never expected such a diagnosis. The first days were bad and I have cried a lot. Everything seemed unreal, but the for the investigation shaved parts were there. The medicatin that Dr. Krohn has given us were there. The words "only bad predictions" echoed in my head.


When I found this site, I was able to read  again and again what the doctor had tried to explain. The advice and the tips were helpful. I was no longer alone with the diagnosis and could contact other stakeholders. I was able to participate in the research project and  do something about the disease in this way, even if that doesn't help Keena.


Also Keenas breeder was totally stunned and sad when I told her the diagnosis. She has also researched the net and then I recommend this site to her. She asked me to put Keena on the list of affected dogs. I am impressed and grateful for it, because it shows what a good, responsible breeder Mrs. Gerth is. It gives us the opportunity to draw attention to this terrible disease. All breeders should learn abut the tricuspid valve dysplasia and help to stop this disease! Also LCD and DRC should raise awareness, call for participation in the research project and ask Ultrasound by breeders.


I hope that Keena copes well with the medicines and remains long symptom-free. I enjoy every minute with her and wants her to live a long and wonderful dog's life. I am still very uncertain in the matter of romping and playing . I let her romp with other dogs, because she loves that. But I do not let them play long. I hope soon to be able to assess well, when I have to slow her down. And when I can let her play wild bumblebee.


I thought about whether I'd rather not know about the disease. I can not anymore, but I don't want to any more. I believe in the chance that Keena has a better life this way than if we would have started with the medication only when strong symptoms came. On the constant fear of those I could do without ...


A big thanks to our vet Dr. Barth, who resounded Keena has so thoroughly.

At Dr. Krohn, who dealt so great with Keena and studied her so well.

At Ms. Gerth, who entrusted me with this wonderful dog and has the courage to openly deal with the TD.

At Sophie and Silvia, who launched this initiative.

And to all those, who are there every day for us!


(Daniela Sarau, owner of Keena)