Peter's Gang Cruella de Mon - FCI                                    (Ella *30.01.2018, tricuspid valve dysplasia)

18. Juni 2022

Ella was born on 30.01.2018 in a well-known Polish Labrador kennel on the basis of the mating of great lines (show) in itself uniting parents (Cardio o.B.) and grew up there until the first year of life. 


After the last big examination at the age of 13 months in Vetmed Warsaw she came to Germany and should be used for breeding.Until then the heart disease had remained undetected. 


After Ella was pregnant with 10 puppies and became symptomatic shortly before birth (at 2 years old) and entered a life-threatening condition, the puppies were taken by Caesarean section in an emergency operation and fought for their lives in the hospital for three weeks. Two puppies did not make it. The rest were raised by hand.


Ella, however, made it and proved her irrepressible will to live, which she has retained to this day. The diagnosis is mgr.-hgr. tricuspid valve dysplasia/insufficiency and right heart dilatation.


Even though she must not have been doing very well in Germany in the meantime and had already changed her home three times by the time she came to us, she accepted her chance with us. 


It was a hard way with many psychological and physical setbacks.

After 1.5 years she has become a more confident dog, has rediscovered her voice and her will to work and play and has learned that she is not only allowed to please, but also to stand out and above all to be a real dog.


After a long odyssey in veterinary clinics (unrelated to the heart disease), obtaining second and third opinions on the heart disease and regular heart ultrasound examinations every 6 months, peace has now returned for several months.

In addition, the diet was changed and the medication adjusted. 


In the meantime Ella has become a muscular, agile and above all mentally present (that was not always so!) bitch. 


With a lot of effort of countless dog owners, (therapy) dogs, veterinarians (especially Dr. Hellwig and Dr. Schneider) and especially animal therapist Elsa Kopp (physio, acupuncture etc.) the step back into life has been made possible for Ella.


We are grateful for every day with her and make almost everything possible for her. For example, she has already been able to experience the coast of Holland and Belgium or participate in a nose work course adapted to her illness. This would have been unthinkable with her a few months ago.


We hope that the values will stay like this for a while, because currently she is quite stable and does not need to be drained. 


We hope that she will be able to make up for her two lost years (bad attitude) in Germany. In any case, we do everything for it!


(owner of Ella)