Carlo vom Derletal - LCD                                                  (Pino *30.05.2015 †04.04.2021, tvd)

26 February 2021

Sad news have reached us: After Pino (left in the picture) has blossomed once again through the addition to the family with his friend Delta (right in the picture), unfortunately the forces left him in April last year.


On April 04, 2021 he was put to sleep at home in a familiar atmosphere in the arms of his human Hanna.


And even though Pino's life sadly ended far too soon, he had a life full of love in which he left unforgettable paw prints. As his human wrote to us, "Beautiful memories remain, he will always be missed!"

01 May 2017

Here comes a quite delayed update:


In February we were to the first follow-up examination in Tierklinik am Kaiserberg to Dr. Stosic. This time I wanted to have the official breeding examination fort he Collegium Cardiologicum e.V. done, to be able to submit the findings to the LCD.

Dr. Stosic was very satisfied with the ultrasound findings. The right half of the heart has remained stable in comparison to the last examination, whereas the left half of the heart has marginally enlarged. As in the last examination Pino remained very relaxed due to the examination.


By now Pino only gets vetmedin as veterinary medicine because of his skin problems. The other medication did I replace by human preparations. Since the end of January an animal healer supports Pino by alternative means.


By now Pino gets:


  • Vetmedin 7,5 mg in the morning, 5 mg in the evening (capsules instead of chewing tablets)
  • Benazepril-HCl 7,5 mg, once daily – human prepatations (instead of Cardalis)
  • Spironolacton 50 mg, once daily – human preparations (instead of Cardalis)
  • Furosemid 20 mg, twice daily
  • Cralonin (Heel) – 1 vial à 1 ml, every two days 
  • Cor suis Injeel (Heel) – 1 vial à 1 ml, every three days
  • Schüssler salts Nr. 22 – 2 tablets, three times a day


At the moment Pino is doing fine. At the weekend we were hiking in the Eiffel in fine weather and he did great. Sometimes there are days, when he is tired and not motivated to apport a dummy. Whereby this also can be related to his spring fever, because some of the female dogs in our area are in heat at the moment. Fortunately Pino isn’t moaning or sits in front of the door suffering.

29 December 2016

Well, now Pino belongs to the "heartdogs", too.


Together with 5 siblings Pino was born on 30 May 2015 by Ceasarean section. One little girl had to be euthanasied the same day, while the others were very fit. The three girls weighed the most, whereas the two boys were light weights. It was a very harmonious litter and despite the hot early summer they all were unobtrusive. The 'puppy check' was satisfactory as well. At the age of 10 weeks Pino came to me.

Everything was fine at the vaccinations, Pino seemed to be jolly and attentive.


On 14th of November 2016 Pino and I went to a dental specialist, because Pino sustained a fracture at the bottom canine Toto and needed a metal crown to protect the tooth. At the routine checkup right before the anaesthesia a massif systolic heart murmur (4/6) inluding some buzzing could be noticed on the right hemithorax. After that X-rays were made, which were shocking – result: cardiomegaly with a VHS of 13 and that at only 1 1/2 years of age!


Two days later we went to Dr. Stosic at the 'Tierklinik am Kaiserberg' in Duisburg to clarify what the precise cause is. That's when the diagnosis 'tricuspid valve dysplasia with high-grade RA and RV dilatation' was made including following findings:


  • high-grade enlargement of the right atrium and right ventricle
  • shortened leaflets of tricuspid valve, significantly restricted motion, leaflets are displaced downwards into the ventricle - high-grade tricuspid valve insufficiency
  • left heart narrow in total
  • pulmonary and aortic valves without indications


Dr. Stosic couldn't say much about the life expectancy, except that Pino either gets old, as long as he stays stabil like in the moment, or it even could soon be over.

Dr. Stosic immediately prescribed the following medication:


  • Vetmedin: 7,5 mg in the morning, 5 mg in the evening
  • Cardalis: 7,5 mg/60mg, once a day
  • Furosemide: 20 mg, twice a day


The first two weeks after the diagnosis were terrible for me, espacially because Pino was so young. Moreover I asked myself whether I might have heard something, as I vaccinated him. In regard to this Sophie calmed me down by telling me, that missing the murmur happens quiet often and that even some cardiologists do have their problems with auscultation.

In October 2016 Pino was under anaesthesia for HD-/ED X-ray. A colleague of me did this examination because I was too biased by my emotions to remain rational. And also my colleague didn't detect the heart murmur.


Now, as I know that Pino has a heart disease, I remember some minor details that have ever been there. He already starts panting at minimal effort, even in cool temperatures. Nevertheless he still is not limited in his physical activity. He never was a real sprinter when playing together with other dogs.

If he could, he would play with his ball the whole day or retrieve some dummies. He just behaves like a typical young dog, having his wild 5 minutes now and then. In fact, he knows quiet well when to take a breather and I'm very happy about that. Only while playing with his sister I have to slow him down a little bit because the two incite each other and Pino is not willing to give in. That's what siblings are like!


In the first two weeks of medication Pino seemed to be very tired. He showed sudden feeling of faintness two times when he got too much excited. It looks like as if his hind legs collapse. Fortunately he calms down quiet fast and recovers within 30 to 60 seconds. Afterwards he behaved as if nothing ever happened. For me this was shocking to see, because some kind of attacks never appeared before. At least I never was aware of.

Six weeks later now, I can say that Pino is well again. He is way more agile and not that tired than at the beginning of the medication. Only the increased panting remained and probably will remain forever. Pino never collapsed again and his tongue doesn't stain blue that fast when he has a race with another dog.


Currently Pino won't be spared and is allowed to fully enjoying life. The dummy training, to our delight, continues - it's his passion! Furthermore we love to explore the hiking paths in the Eifel.


The next cardiac check up will be done in February. That's when I'll ask the cardiologist to do the official breeding examination of the Collegium Cardiologicum e.V. to be able to submit the finding to the LCD. Additionally Pino will participate in the study of the TiHo Hannover.


I am very happy having found this homepage. Without it and especially without Sophie I would have been lost. 


Because of her contribution I know how to handle Pinos heart disease and how to help him living a carefree life as far as possible. 


Furthermore I'd like to thank my colleagues Dr. Dietmar Bücheler and Alina Ufer from the animal health center in Overath for detecting the heart murmur early enough. 


(Hanna Wagener, owner of Pino)